Here is a trophy area not all that hard to draw that is commonly overlooked. We work with an outfit that offers hunts in both Unit 11 and Unit 7.  Unit 11 will probably require 5 points to draw, where as Unit 7 normally takes the maximum 8 points. Outstanding trophy quality and success are very similar in both Units with this outfitter.  They have a great setup in Unit 11, where they have built a nice log lodge and have 6,000 private acres bordering the Medicine Bow National Forest. There are no wolves or grizzlies in this area of southeastern Wyoming.

In 2013 they had 4 rifle hunters take 4 great bulls averaging over 320 gross points, including a monster 360 bull. Archery season went 2 for 3, with both successful hunters taking bulls in the 315-inch category.

In 2012 all 4 rifle hunters scored on bulls averaging 335 gross Boone and Crockett points. One of two archers took home a bull scoring 325 inches and the unsuccessful archer had opportunities.  7-day hunts for both archery and rifle are priced at $5,750. Bow hunts start September 8 and rifle is October 1 to 20. Hunters fly into Denver and rent a car for the 2 ½ hour drive or fly into Cheyenne where pick up can be arranged.  HCU’s Cliff Graham has hunted with this outfitter. Hunt EKM703.



HCU works with a couple high success trophy oriented elk outfitters in Unit 7 of the Laramie Range in southeastern Wyoming. It normally takes maximum points of 8 or possibly 7 to draw this unit. Here are the write-ups on both.  2013 started off normal with rifle hunters taking their bulls early in the season, including an 82-year old hunter bagging a 360-inch trophy bull, but unusually warm weather hampered the later hunts which can be the best. Overall 12 rifle hunters scored on 9 bulls averaging 320 inches.  Their 3 early season archery hunters took one 320 bull. They had seen 3 giant bulls in the 380 to 390 class just before season and one archer was holding out, but they couldn’t locate them.  In 2012, they had 5 archery hunters take 3 bulls, two 345-inch bulls and one at 320, two monster bulls were missed. Rifle season went 13 for 16 with the best bulls scoring 345 inches and the average was close to 330.

All hunts, archery and rifle, are 7 days priced at $5,750. Archery starts September 8 and rifle is October 15 to November 20.

They have 60,000 deeded private acres northwest of Wheatland. This small run personal family outfit has been in this area for many years and has access to some of the best ranches. They also own one of the ranches and the terrain is rolling hills mixed with sage and wooded canyons, low country and easy to hike and glass, very accessible. They also have access to more mountainous areas where it is more traditional elk hunting. The accommodations is a nice cabin next to their home and all the hunters can stay at the same place, so older guys can hunt lower country or younger guys can hunt the more mountainous terrain and be from the same group as everyone gets together in the evening for meals and lodging.

Hunters fly into Denver and rent a car for the 2 ½ hour drive or fly into Cheyenne where pick up can be arranged. DRAW DEADLINE is January 31. HCU’s Cliff Graham has hunted with this outfitter. Hunt EK703

The other outfitter works out of a 160,000 private-acre ranch located just south of Douglas, Wyoming in trophy Unit 7. Bulls normally are taken in the 300 to 340 range and top bulls will go in the 360 class.

The ranch offers 2 types of hunts and they are priced accordingly. All hunts are 5 days and success is similar as with quality, just the accommodations vary. Prices are the same for either archery or rifle hunts. Their less expensive hunt is their tent camp, 5 days 2x1 is $6,000 or 1x1 is $7,000. The lodge hunt is $7,500 2x1 or $8,500 1x1. This is a nicer atmosphere with a large lodge and some cabins for hunters sleeping quarters. They also have fancy guest houses for an additional $500 to $1,500 per week that is especially nice for a hunter that would like to bring along his spouse.

All of September is archery season, rifle hunts are Oct. 15 - Nov. 20. Elevation is about 6,500 feet and hunt up to about 8,500. The main method of hunting is by truck to access areas and glass. Horses are available and may be used out of the tent camp, where there is more hiking.  DRAW DEADLINE is January 31. Hunt EK828.



This 70,000-acre western Wyoming ranch has high elk numbers. In 2013 over the course of 3 hunts they had 18 hunters tag 9 bulls. Size was down just a bit and none grossed over 300 inches.  In 2012 archery hunts went 5 for 5 on the first hunt September 10 to 15, second hunt 5 for 7 and third hunt 7 for 9. Best bulls taken grossed just over 300 inches. 5-day archery hunts guided 1x1 are $6,500, 2x1 is $6,000. This is also the top ranch for archery mule deer. Mostly spot and stalk, with hunters normally seeing a 180-inch buck almost daily. Mule deer is September 1 to 5 or 6 to 11 and priced at $5,750 1x1 or $4,750 guided 2x1.

Licenses are on a draw basis, but have been 100% on the special higher dollar draw for both elk and deer at about $1,050 for elk or $550 for deer. Elk draw deadline is January 31 and deer is March 15. Accommodations are a beautiful 1 million dollar lodge in a very picturesque setting.  Hunters can fly into Salt Lake City and rent a car for the 2 ½ hour drive to Evanston, Wyoming. 
Hunt EKQMB655



FROM $1000 TO $1500

We work with 2 outfitters in southeastern Wyoming for cow hunts. Success runs near 100 percent. The draw has been 100 percent, but you have to apply by the January 31 deadline, sometimes there are leftover tags available in early July that can be purchased.

One is a no frills 3-day hunt guided 2x1 for $1,000, where the hunter stays in Wheatland and pays for his motel room for approximately $60 per night and his breakfast and evening meal.  Hunters are picked up at the motel, lunch is provided and hunters are returned at the end of each day. These hunts start in late November and run to January 31. Hunt EKC703.

The other outfitter is on a 160,000-acre private ranch located near Douglas that offers cow hunts for $1,500 guided 2x1 late November, December and January for 3 days. This includes guide and nice guest cabins on the ranch, but you supply your own food. The cabins have a kitchen for cooking. The ranch normally winters about 5,000 head of elk so success is normally 100%.Hunt EKC828