This outfit controls some of the best elk hunting in northeastern Utah. Most of the ranches are in the Controlled Wildlife Management Program known as CWMU. This allows them to rifle hunt in September with guaranteed licenses, no drawings, similar to Colorado’s program Ranching for Wildlife. We have listed a few ranches in an affordable price range with high success on quality bulls. Openings are very limited due to repeat hunters. These ranches also offer mule deer hunts.

The Morgan piece is made up of several ranches and has recently increased in size now totaling 60,000 deeded acres. In 2013 over the course of a couple months they had 40 hunters take 39 bulls averaging in the 270 to 280 class, with the top bulls reaching the 320’s.  In 2012, they took 23 bulls for 25 hunters and both unsuccessful hunters had opportunities. In 2011 they had 16 hunters take 16 bulls. Bulls typically gross score between 270 and 320 Boone and Crockett. As you can see the success rate has stayed very consistent and the number of hunters taken has increased with the amount of land being added to the program.

Lodge, cabins or ranch house accommodations, 5 days guided 1x1 is $8,500 guided 2x1 is $8,000, with airport pickup in SLC included. Available dates are September 11 to 15, 19 to 22, 25 to 29 and this is a CWMU so tags are guaranteed and you can rifle hunt during the bugle rut season.  Some ranches have a better elk hunt later during the month of October so they also accommodate hunters up to October 28.
Hunt EKM655.

South Fork Ranch is also a CWMU and has over 70,000 private acres. Last fall in 2013 they hosted 50 elk hunters over the course of the season and 49 bulls were harvested. The average bull came in between 250 to 280 points. In 2012 out of the 50 hunters 48 scored on bulls. As you can see the success rate on quality bulls is very high and has been the past 5 years.  It is a physically easy ranch to hunt going from 5,500 feet with low cedars up to 10,000 feet with oakbrush, aspen and pines. Small private cabins are the accommodations with a cookhouse and they can take up to 10 hunters per hunt. September rut hunts or late November hunts are $7,500 1x1 or $7,000 2x1 and the tags are guaranteed, no drawing or points.
Hunt EKSF655. 

Minnie Maude Ranch is a CWMU with15,000 private acres located near Price, Utah and has produced the biggest bulls the past 3 years. In 2013 over the course of 3 hunts they had a total of 20 hunters harvest 20 bulls, averaging 290 inches and the top bulls grossed into the 330’s. In 2012 all 18 hunters tagged bulls, with the best scoring in the 330’s. In 2011 success continued at 100 percent with 22 hunters taking 22 bulls.  The property has little road access and can be a more physical hunt. They do 3 groups of 7 or 8 hunters September 14 to 18, 21 to 25 and 27 to October 1. 5 days $8,500 guided 1x1 or $8,000 2x1. The areas bordering Minnie Maude are spike only areas, so the bulls have a chance to put on some age. Tent camp accommodations, with airport pickup in SLC. No drawing, guaranteed tag. Tax is not included on any of these hunts at 6.5 percent and availability is very limited. Hunt EKMM655. 



This hunt takes place in northeastern Utah on 35,000 free-range private acres. This hunt has been 100 percent success for several years. In 2013 size was off due to the low spring rainfall. Best bull scored 346 and they averaged between 310 and 315.  In 2012, all 24 hunters took bulls over the course of the 3 rut rifle hunts. Best bull grossed an amazing 386 Boone and Crockett points. Six more were taken that scored in the 340’s, with an overall average above 320. 2012 was an exceptional year for size, but success like this is typical.  This ranch is in the CWMU program, allowing them to rifle hunt in September during the rut. The property has an amazing bull to cow ratio of 80:100 and hunters can expect to see 15 to 20 good bulls per day. They normally take 8 hunters per hunt starting September 14 and finishing early October. This way all the hunters get to experience the rut in full force with bugling bulls and crashing of antlers. HCU has never had a hunter come home without a bull on this hunt.  Size was down in 2011 due to overall weather conditions, with bulls averaging a little over 300 inches. In 2010 they went 24 for 24 and the best bull grossed 346 Boone and Crockett. In 2009 the average bull grossed 320 and the best went 365 inches.  5-day hunt guided 2x1 is $10,000 with lodge accommodations and home cooked meals. Hunters are picked up at the Salt Lake City airport. HCU’s Cliff Graham and Bob Wodzisz have been on this ranch. Openings are very limited. Hunt EK255.



This private ranch located in northeastern Utah gets 4 elk tags that they can use in September for a rifle rut hunt. Past years have been near 100% success on bulls averaging just shy of 300 gross Boone and Crockett. In 2013 they took 3 bulls for the 4 hunters including 2 bulls in the 300-class and a 5x6 grossing 280 points. The unsuccessful hunter became quite ill and could not hunt, so in reality they were 3 for 3. In 2012 they had a banner year taking 4 bulls grossing 360, 330, 300 and a 290. This is not the norm and we don’t expect bulls scoring over 320 to be taken very often.

They usually run this hunt about September 13 to 17 and it is priced at $6,500 guided 2x1 with cabin accommodations and meals included along with airport pickup in Salt Lake City.  Cliff Graham and Bob Wodzisz have hunted with this outfitter and the ranch has 2 main drainages that are not physically demanding to hunt. This hunt is open for 2014.  Hunt EK772. 


Last fall, over the course of 3 September rifle rut hunts totaling 12 hunters all tagged bulls, but size was down due to low rainfall averaging only 330 Boone and Crockett inches, best bull scored 368. Past years, depending on the amount of moisture, bulls have averaged gross scores of 345 to low 350’s, with the top bulls scoring over 380.  In 2012 the top bulls taken on this free-range hunt were 390, 368, 366, 363, 352 and 350.  This 20,000-acre ranch located in southeastern Utah takes 12 to 14 elk hunters per year. It is in the CWMU program allowing them to conduct rifle hunts in September during the rut with guaranteed tags, no drawing. 5-day hunts guided 1x1 are $15,000 plus license and tax. Nice accommodations and good home cooked meals are included. This is a top shelf hunt for trophy animals in a beautiful setting. Hunters fly into Grand Junction, where they rent a car. Very limited availability due to repeat bookings.
Hunt EKGE72.

AS LOW AS $5900

The outfitter has 10,000 acres under high fence in normal elk habitat in northern Utah and southeastern Idaho. Hunts have been 100 percent success and accommodations at both operations are very nice lodges set back in the mountains.  This is a premier operation, not your normal high fence elk hunt. Hunting methods include horseback, hiking, ATV’s and trucks.  5 days total, including 3 hunting days guided 1x1 are $5,900 for bulls gross scoring up to 340 points and these are big mountable bulls. Bulls 341 to 360 are $7,900, with larger bulls priced separately.  Management hunts for mature 5-point and 5x6 bulls that will never be a 6x6 are culled out for genetic reasons. These hunts are priced at a very reasonable rate of only $4,900 and the bulls normally score in the 280 to 300-inch class, with some taken that are even larger.

Hunts run from September to December. Add license fee of $688 and tax of 6%. Non-hunter rate is $600 and they can accompany the hunter.  Airport pickup at Idaho Falls or Salt Lake City is included. Hunt EKP149.