Sad to say 2014 will be the last year this outfitter will have the Chase Ranch. It will be incorporated into the Philmont Boy Scout Property in 2015. Past years this hunt continued to produce quality bulls at a very affordable price with guaranteed landowner vouchers included, no drawings. 2013 was a little tougher due to the drought, but they still ended up 4 for 7 on the first hunt and 2 hunters missed and one passed. Top bulls grossed 320 and 300 inches.  Second hunt went 3 for 3, including a couple in the low 300’s. At press time the third hunt had just finished with 5 hunters taking 3 bulls.  In 2012, the first rifle hunt in early October produced 8 bulls for the 9 hunters and the unsuccessful hunter missed 2 bulls. All were good respectable bulls with the best one grossing in the 320’s. The second hunt produced 5 bulls for 6 hunters with the top bulls scoring 336 and 2 more in the 300’s. On the third hunt later in October 3 hunters took 3 bulls. He also ran a fourth hunt and both hunters scored on 2 bulls.  2011 season started off with 12 hunters taking 9 bulls and 7 scored over 300 inches. The best went 350 and 2 more were taken right at 330. The second hunt 7 of the 8 hunters tagged out, including 3 over 300 inches and on the third hunt all 3 hunters scored with the best going 310.  In 2010, over the course of 3 hunts, 19 hunters had tagged 17 bulls and the top 3 grossed 330 inches. This 12,000-acre ranch in northeastern New Mexico borders the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch on one side and the famous Veremejo Park on the other, in fact, this outfitter is also issued a few tags to hunt 8,000 acres in Dean Canyon on Veremejo.  The first 5-day hunt, Oct. 1 - 5, guided 2x1 including landowner voucher is $5,500 with a $2,000 trophy fee. Second hunt, Oct. 11 - 15, is $4,750 plus $2,000 trophy fee. Third hunt, Oct.  22 - 26, is $3,750 plus $2,000 trophy fee and December hunts are $3,750 with a $2,000 trophy fee (dates are approximate). If you draw blood the trophy fee is paid. Hunters can expect to hear some bugling on these early hunts and black bear can be taken for only a $500 kill fee.  He also offers a 6-day archery hunt for $3,750 plus $2,000 for September 9 to 15 and a higher priced $4,500 plus $2,000 trophy fee September 17 to 22. In 2012, 6 archers took 4 bulls, including 2 scoring in the 330’s.

Old ranch house accommodations with satellite TV, phone and screened in porch. 3-day cow hunts are also available for only $1,200.  Hunters fly into Colorado Springs, Albuquerque or Amarillo and rent a car. License and 7% tax is not included. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz, Scott Steinkruger and Cliff Graham have all been on this ranch. Hunt EK333. 



2013 produced 4 bulls for 4 hunters on the first hunt, including a 360, 340, 330 and a 300.  Size was down due to low rainfall. Second hunt was also 4 for 4 including a monster 395, 340 and a couple low 300’s.

2012 was another good year for this small outfit. The first hunt went 4 for 4 including a 360 plus bull, 350, 330 and a 6x6 300-inch bull. The second hunt also went 4 for 4 with a 350, 330 and 2 at 300 inches. He also took 2 bowhunters and both scored on 320 bulls.

This outfitter has limited his property to only three hunts for a combined total of 8 or 10 hunters on prime private property. In 2011 all 8 hunters took bulls with the top going 350 Boone and Crockett. In 2010 he took 11 bulls for 11 hunters averaging just over 320 and the best bulls grossed 350 Boone and Crockett. In 2009 he had 12 hunters all take bulls, including 4 over 350 points. In 2008 6 bulls grossed over 330. In 2007 they had 6 bulls gross over 340. As you can see if you really want to take a good bull then here is the place. Hunters over 70 years in age have taken trophy bulls on this hunt.

He has several ranches in northeastern New Mexico totaling over 95,000 acres. He runs two or three consecutive 5-day hunts guided 1x1 with the first one priced at $12,000 starting in early October and the second hunt is $11,000 and when he runs the third hunt it is $10,000. Guaranteed landowner voucher is included so there is no draw. Hunters fly into Colorado Springs and rent a car. 2014 is booked, next opening is in 2015. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has been on this ranch. Hunt EK278.


FROM $1000 TO $1500

This outfitter runs cow elk hunts from November 18 to January 31 on the famous Veremejo Park Ranch in northeastern New Mexico. The ranch is over 200,000 acres and has a high elk population and they control it by having these later hunts. 2-day hunt is $1,050 and is guided 2x1. If you have a group of 2 hunters the price drops to $950 each. Hunters typically stay in a motel in Raton and eat restaurant meals at their own expense. The guide takes you out both days and once you have scored they will deliver your elk to the local butcher for processing.  He also has the Red River Ranch in southeastern Colorado where they do the same deal as on Veremejo. These hunts are conducted in January and February.

Both of these hunts have landowner vouchers included so you are guaranteed a tag, no drawing.  Hunters buy a state license and their cow elk tag.Hunt EKC933.