Here is a high success hunt on private land that has guaranteed licenses issued from the state, no drawings. At press time ELK SUCCESS WAS 18 FOR 18 ON BULLS AVERAGING 5X5 and MULE DEER SUCCESS WAS 8 FOR 8 AVERAGING OVER 170 INCHES.

This ranch is allocated 42 elk tags from the state and we expect them to harvest near 100 percent due to the ranch location in a very high migration route along with the number of resident elk on the ranch.  Success in both 2012 and 2011 were close to 100 percent for both elk and mule deer.

This is a high success hunt priced at a bargain rate of only $4,250 and you can add trophy mule deer for only $3,250 and this gets you an extra day of hunting. Mule deer hunting has been more trophy oriented, taking only about 10 hunters per year and success has been running about 100% on bucks averaging over 170 inches.  Since this ranch is in the Ranching For Wildlife Program he can hunt from September 5 to December 5 with rifles. Most bulls taken will be a 5x5 averaging in the 230 to 260 class and top bulls reach the 280-inch category. Resident elk are hunted on the early hunts during the rut.  Typically the elk hunting gets better on the later hunts. Starting about mid-November more elk move onto the property due to pressure on public land and the normal migration out of the high country. The ranch is located at about 7500-foot elevation has good access and this is not necessarily a physical hunt. Hunters come in on Saturday; hunt Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (4 days), leave Thursday. New lodge accommodations, meals, guided 2x1 and airport pickup in Hayden is included. Deer typically score in the 160 to 185-inch class. Pronghorn can be added to the early elk hunts for only $2,200 and the ranch produces nice bucks averaging 73 to 78 inches. This hunt is very high success on all species. Very limited openings. HCU’s Craig Green has been on this hunt. Hunt EK226. 



2013 produced another great elk hunt for this outfit and tags are over-the-counter. The first season his 6 hunters took 6 bulls, including two 6x6 bulls scoring 280 and 290 inches. Second season 5 hunters took 4 bulls, including 2 bulls scoring in the 290’s and 2 bulls were missed.  Third season 2 hunters took 2 bulls, a 5x5 and 4x5. Success has been very high on these hunts.  2012 first rifle hunt went 5 for 6 on bulls and 2 were wounded. Best bull grossed 290 Boone and Crockett. Second hunt was slower than normal and went 2 for 6, with 2 guys missing bulls. Best bull taken was a giant 330 bull. This hunt takes place on private land in the mountains near Hotchkiss, an area well known for good elk numbers.  In 2011, he took 6 hunters on the first rifle hunt and they went 100 percent tagging 6 bulls, 2 grossed over 290 Boone and Crockett and the rest were in that 250 to 270 class. One big bull was hit and lost. On the second hunt 6 hunters killed 3 bulls and missed 4, all 5 points.

All 5-day hunts, archery elk is $4,500 from Aug. 28 to Sept. 26. Muzzleloader hunts are $5,000 Sept. 11-19. First season rifle is $5,000 for Oct. 16-20, second season $4,500 Oct. 23-31, third season $4,500 Nov. 6-12 and fourth season $4,500 Nov. 17-21. Elk/mule deer combo is $7,500 with a trophy fee of $1,000 for any buck grossing over 180 Boone and Crockett. First and fourth rifle elk draw has been 100% on these private land tags, second and third seasons are over-the-counter.  Muzzleloader elk usually requires 3 points to draw.  Mule deer are draw, 2 or 3 points should get you a tag and landowner vouchers are available. Airport pickup at Montrose or Grand Junction. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has visited this ranch. Archery spots, third season elk and some mule deer openings are available for 2014.
Hunt EK163.


ELK $4500

This outfitter has exclusive rights to his family’s private ranch. Combine this with horses to take you up and down the mountain daily, remodeled old turn of the century cabin accommodations, over-the-counter tags, plenty of elk and the price is affordable.

2013 was a tough season, all hunters were into elk, but success was down. First rifle they went 5 for 8. Combined second season was 6 for 9. Third season was 12 for 15 and fourth went 4 for 6. He had a few deer hunters and they killed bucks in the 160 to 170-inch class.

2012 season over the course of 4 hunts they had went 8 for 8 on the first gun hunt, 11 for 13 on the second hunt and all 13 had opportunities, third hunt 5 for 7 and a couple missed, fourth hunt 7 for 8 and the unsuccessful hunter missed and crippled a bull.

2011 first rifle hunt went 8 for 8 on bulls, second hunt 7 for 8, third hunt 3 for 7, but they hit and lost 3 and missed 6.

In 2010, he had 40 rifle hunters over the course of 4 seasons score on 34 bulls. Most bulls taken are 5x5’s averaging in the 240 to 260 class.  The outfitter produces numbers like this pretty much every year. His archery hunts are all calling with spot and stalk. An exciting way to chase bulls and his success is unmatched. In 2013 his 15 hunters killed 8 bulls, 7 were hit and lost and everyone took shots. In 2012 they had 11 archers kill 7 bulls and 2 hunters missed or crippled bulls. In 2011 he hosted 12 archers and they took 6 bulls and wounded and lost 6. All wounded bulls were hit at under 25 yards and all hunters took shots except one who passed. In 2010 he had 11 archers take 10 bulls. This small personal outfitter operates on a private ranch with high elk numbers just southeast of Craig. Most bulls taken are 5 points, although some will be 6 smaller points. Hunters can add mule deer for $2,000 and there are some trophy deer.  All hunts are horseback and are 4 days guided 2x1. Accommodations is a renovated pre-1900 ranch house with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, big kitchen, living room, mud room and enclosed porch. The first rifle hunt has been 100% in the draw. The second and third season elk permits are sold over-the-counter. Fourth season elk hunters need to apply, but draw has been near 100%.  Deer permits have also been close to 100% draw. Rifle elk hunts are $4,500 or combine with mule deer for $6,500.

Over the past 8 years he has had only 5 bowhunters not take a shot at a bull and success

has been just over 75%. Two hunts are September 17-20 and 21-24. Bow hunts are $5,000 and muzzleloader is $4,500. Hunters are picked up at

Hayden airport. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has been on this ranch.
Hunt EK824. 



You will need 17 elk preference points to draw the second, third or fourth season tag, first season will take 19. This hunt has always been a top notch hunt that produces real good bulls for Colorado. In 2013 the muzzleloader hunt went 5 for 6, top 3 bulls were in the 330’s and the unsuccessful hunter missed 2. First gun hunt produced 6 bulls for 6 hunters averaging 324 inches, top bulls went 358 and 351. Second hunt was 1 for 1 on a 330 bull. Last hunt went 3 for 5, 340, 330, 310 and the 2 unsuccessful hunters wanted 350 or better.

These numbers are typical almost every year. Normally the average bull taken gross scores around 300 and the top bulls tip the 350 mark. Mule deer success is near 100 percent and the average buck gross scores right around 180 inches with the top buck grossing 200.

5-day hunts guided 2x1 are only $5,000 with wall tent accommodations on the early

archery and muzzleloader hunts and cabin accommodations on the rifle hunts. Airport

pickup in Grand Junction can be arranged for $150. Deer hunts require 10 points

minimum to draw and the hunt is $5,000. Mid-April draw deadline. HCU’s Cliff Graham has hunted with this outfit. Hunt EK21.



This Colorado ranch has very high elk numbers and produces an extremely high rate of opportunity. The outfitter hunts on his family’s 5,500 private acres southeast of Craig. In 2013 his 15 archers killed 8 bulls and hit and lost 7 more. All hunters took shots. Best bull taken grossed 315 Boone and Crockett inches, a great bull for this area. Most bulls taken are 5x5’s in the 240 to 260 range.

In 2012 he hosted 11 archers and they scored on 7 bulls and 2 hunters missed bull. The top 2 bulls taken grossed 285 and 280 points, the rest were in the 240 to 260 class.

In 2011 his 12 archers took 6 bulls and wounded and lost 6 more, all shots less than 25 yards. In 2010 he had 11 archery elk hunters and they tagged 10 bulls. Two were 6 points grossing 290 and 280, but most were 5-points.  He runs two 4-day horseback hunts priced at $5,000 guided 2x1 from September 17 to 20 or 21 to 24 with cabin accommodations. Main method of hunting is calling and spot and stalk. 
Hunt EKB824

Here is good Colorado hunt on private land priced at $4,500 for 5 days guided 2x1 during the month of September. He has a couple private ranches with cabin accommodations in the mountains east of Hotchkiss, an area known for high elk numbers.

In 2013 his 8 archers took 5 bulls, 4 of them were 5x5’s and one 4x4. One bull was hit and lost and another missed.

In 2012 his 6 archers took two 5-point bulls, hit a big bull and a 5-point, but lost them both. 
Hunt EKB163


Another Colorado outfitter who hunts their private ranch offers 6-day full service hunts for only $3,000 and you can add mule deer for $800.  The 2013 numbers look bad, but are deceiving, 0 for 6. Windy weather conditions ruined many stalks. One archer hit a big 6x7 that looked to gross in the 320’s, real big for this country, and the bull was seen later doing just fine. HCU hunter, John Nymark, shot a cow the last day of his hunt. Of the 6 archers 3 took muley bucks and the best scored just over 195 inches.  2012 season was even down due to the hot dry weather, but they still had 100 percent opportunity for their 12 archers. They ended the season taking 3 bulls with the best grossing 285 inches and 5 bulls were hit and lost. The best muley taken grossed 170 inches.

This is a private land hunt in southwestern Colorado with either bunkhouse or wall tent accommodations, depending if you hunt the upper or lower ranch and includes guiding and meals. All hunters have given great reviews on this outfit, but space is limited. Hunt EKB252.