Arizona is a premier hunting state, but the drawing odds are very low. We suggest for hunters to apply for the draw, but do not expect to pull any tags. This outfitter will do your paperwork and put you in for the best units for only a $25 fee (you can apply for elk, mule deer, coues deer, antelope and sheep all for $25). He consistently produces trophy quality bulls in the 340 to 390 range with success near 100% on the early gun or archery hunts. Late season rifle hunts are easier to draw and you still stand a good chance of taking bulls in the 310 to 350 class. He also conducts trophy mule deer hunts in the Kaibab and has guided hunters to many 200-inch deer over the years.

A quick update from 2013, 17 archers took 14 bulls, best scored 393 and they took 3 more grossing over 370 with 100% shooting. Also he had a rifle hunter tag an 8x9 bull grossing 400 inches. Mule deer hunts were just getting under way at press time the first hunt had just completed with 2 of the 3 hunters tagging out, including a 190 and 185-inch 4x5. The unsuccessful hunter looked over 200 bucks and missed a 38-inch monster.

It is worthwhile for hunters to purchase the $125 license or only $22 for a youth license and accumulate bonus points. The outfitter will assist you in applying for the correct units and dates.  He charges $5,000 to hunt the full season (14 days for archery or 7 for gun) guided 1x1.  January 31 deadline for elk and May 30 for deer.  HCU’s Bob Wodzisz took a big 340 archery bull on this hunt.
Hunt EK91. 


We work with another archery elk outfitter that specializes in big bulls. Last fall his 7 bowhunters took 3 bulls with 100 percent opportunity. 3 of the archers were traditional and limited on shooting distances, although one did miss at 15 yards. The 3 bulls taken scored 320 or better.

In 2012 he had 4 archers draw Unit 5B South and they took 2 bulls, 360 and a 343. Of the 2 unsuccessful hunters one hit a monster in the 400-inch class at 23 yards, later hit a 360 type bull high and missed 2 more. The other hunter passed on several bulls and missed a 370 class.  In 2011 they went 2 for 3, the hunt was just too physically demanding for one older hunter.  The other two took two monster bulls, a whopping 393 and a 360. In 2010 all 5 hunters had multiple shots and they connected on 3 bulls, 340, 335 and a 321. He typically hunts units 5A, 5B North, 5B South, 1 and 27. Hunts are 7 days guided 1x1 for $5,350.

Arizona drawing odds can be hit or miss since they use the bonus point system, but normally you can draw in one of the 5 Units with about 6 to 9 points, where as in Units 1 and 27 the average is more like 10 or 12.

Season starts about September 9 and draw deadline is late January and the outfitter will assist you in the draw. Hunters are picked up in Tucson. Hunt EKB404.